Spread the Love!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Spreading love and good vibes on this day.


Hippie Rock Christmas!

The Gonzaga clan always celebrate Christmas with a theme. This year, it’s a Christmas Music celebration and each family picked the music genre. #TeamGonzaga picked out ROCK & ROLL! Just what we wished for. But hubby and I wanted something different since rock & roll is known for black, goth and grunch style, my husband … Continue reading Hippie Rock Christmas!

My Little Pony Party!

It’s been a hectic week or shall I say a hectic month! But despite the busy schedule and the school day rush, I managed to squeeze in my youngest daughter’s birthday party preparations.  The chosen theme: My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic. INVITATION: For the invitation, I downloaded MLP images and opened my digital scrapbooking … Continue reading My Little Pony Party!

Food for the soul!

Good finds from today's stroll at the mall.. obviously I'm a big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Since its going to be another long weekend, it is yet again the perfect time to delve into a good read. The ultimate ME TIME 🙂 Reading indeed is the food for the soul.  Not only does it expand your vocabulary, … Continue reading Food for the soul!