Travel Time

Our family loves to discover things and places together. We always try to make it possible to travel at least once a year and go to places we never been to. We all learn new things, discover fascinating places, get lost, get tired, get hungry, get wild and get extremely happy all at the same time. It is our way to test each and everyone’s limits in terms of mobility and stamina since travelling requires a lot of walking, our patience– since there will always be line queues and a lot of waiting, a test to our teamwork— since everybody had to stay track of time and follow certain itineraries for the day, carry the luggage, order food, check-in and check-out, packing and unpacking, making sure  no one and nothing was left, map reading, taking pictures, taking care of the little ones to every nitty-gritty …

Credits to my ever supportive and responsible hubby, Kelly for making it possible for us to enjoy every vacay and to my kids who are all cooperative, patient and always eager to learn something new. TeamGonzaga stands for TeamWork that’s why we always managed to make every travel escapades sulit na sulit and worth it.

Travel Time Posts:

2016 – Cebu and Bohol 

2015 -Grandeur that was Ilocos

2014 – Baguio-Pangasinan Holiday