Hi Guys! Guess I finally had the guts to join the bandwagon.  I named this blog My Happy Place, because family is indeed the happiest place for me. I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids. I am working full-time with no household help, just my mom who looks after my youngest. A tough job indeed. But I have no fear nor regrets because, like I always say, I’m a super mom! And luckily, super dad always got my back.

My Happy Place is a family and lifestyle blog. I consider this as my book of life. My life lessons on being a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend.  I am not perfect nor is my family (there aren’t are, anyway) but we are happy and we love each other. We all have our own share of struggles and predicaments, the way  we handle it differ.  I tell you, nothing beats God’s love in overcoming all life’s glitches.  My life is a testament to God’s unconditional love and I assure you, if you put God at the center of everything you do, and you offer everything through His will, you will learn to see beyond your life now and appreciate it more.

Here’s to sharing some of my motherhood musings and experiences, my passion in art and some of our family bonding moments and adventures.  I am no expert here but I always check on other people’s blog every time we travel.   I find it very useful especially if you are travelling with little kids in tow. Though a lot of blogs have successfully achieved my expectations, there are only few who travels in group (family travel) mostly solo travelers or back-packers.  I often read paid blogs as well which give over the top reviews.

Here are snippets of the highs and lows of being an OC Mom. We’re a typical family of 5.  We’re not well-off nor extravagant. We just know how to enjoy life in the simplest ways possible. We spend yes, but we seriously save for our ‘spendings’. Yes we are typical, but sometimes we go beyond mediocrity and be exceptional!

So let me explain each categories in this blog:

Mommy Diaries – collection of my random thoughts about the ups and downs of being a working mom. Daily musings about life, love and family.

Travel – TG’s travel log. A detailed documentation of our escapades and adventures as a family, complete with itineraries and budgets as well as hotel/ accommodation reviews and must-see destinations.

Food – We love to eat and we love to try out new restaurants. This page will satisfy your cravings from dishes all over the world.  This page will also feature recipes and resto reviews. Our favorites and our own recipes!

Crafts – I love artworks. This page will feature some of my digital arts, D-I-Y party crafts and costumes, kid’s homeworks and my published designs. TG’s fashion statement is likewise included in this page.

Hope you find this blog helpful and interesting. Enjoy 🙂


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