#TeamGonzaga Invades Malaysia & Singapore! – Day 0

It has been a really hectic year and 6 months have passed before I finally start blogging about #TeamGonzaga’s Singapore escapade.

December 2016 has been a very  busy month for me. With all the parties, events and deadlines I had to carry out (not to mention the shopping, gift-wrapping and the horrendous traffic), I had to finalize details of our much-awaited family holiday in Legoland and Singapore. It was late September, when I and hubby  decided to spend the Christmas holidays in Singapore.

When I finally got the go signal, I immediately booked a flight and was able to get a pretty good fare for the five of us.

So without further ado, here’s our happy moments in Singapore!

Day 0 –  Arrival in SG

We took the last flight from Manila to SG (It’s cheaper!).

Everyone is jittery @ 9:55 PM


We arrived at Changi around 12:55 am, and we were welcomed by hubby’s cousin, Anabelle and headed to their apartment in Red Hill to take a rest before heading to Malaysia early morning.



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