BOHOLiday 2016 (Day 3) – Kayaking and more swimming!

We had a good night sleep, and what goes after a full night rest? A good breakfast. This time we got to try the breakfast buffet at Lamian Restaurant. What can I say? It was the best breakfast I ever had. From cereals to bacon (not to mention cebu’s best danggit of course!). It was a real smorgasbord! Fresh fruits and yummy desserts to boost! All fueled up for another great morning beach adventure for #TeamGonzaga.

Lamian Restaurant (photo grabbed from Bellevueresort website)

So we went ahead basked in the morning sun, Bellevue never goes out of water activities that you could try. Part of our package is a free 1 hour kayaking adventure and the boys are thrilled to try it out.

Even the girls wanna try paddling 🙂

Chaelsy can’t get enough the powdery white sand, while Gabby and Chaela dive and dip in the pool for as long as they want.

Unfortunately, we need to catch up our flight back home so we had to cut the fun and prep up for our check out. Though our stay was rather short, I believe the kids had a sacksful of memories to bring home. The smile on their faces as they explore the wonders of nature and embrace the tranquility of the open sea is priceless. Our family bonding became extra special because of the warmth and joy of the Boholanos. It was such a wonderful experience. Our stay in Bellevue was memorable having given such a world-class and VIP treatment is an added bonus to our fun-filled family getaway. Till we meet again Bohol, we will definitely come-back!


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