BOHOLiday 2016 (Day 2) – Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling and Island Hopping

The gang got up as early as 5am to prep-up for our half-day island tour. No trip to Bohol is complete without exploring the sea. As we walk along the powdery white sand, we can’t help but marvel on the breathtaking sunrise!

We were welcomed by our tour guide Red and Kuya Lito our boat man who made sure that we’d be able to see the dolphins and the sea turtles.


As we go on circles in the area, Kuya Lito will not let the morning pass without us seeing the magnificent group of dolphins. We kept on chasing , cruising here and there, then voila! A pod of dolphins sprung out in front of our boat! The kids were thrilled to see the dolphins go up and down the sea. It was a very magical experience and I am overjoyed to see my kids thrilled in this very awesome moment.

After the dolphins went along their way back to their hide out, we stopped by Balicasag Reef for some snorkeling. While hubby and my eldest went snorkeling, the two girls explored the area got some seashells and built sand castles, while I sat and relax in one of the wooden benches under the shade of coconut trees.


After about an hour the boys arrived with an ear to ear smile on their faces. Under the sea creatures excites them so much that they insisted we try it but due to time constraints we decided to go follow our itinerary for the day.

On our way to Virgin island, a cute fella sprung its head out from the sea. Chaelsy was screaming on top of her lungs saying “Sea turtle! Sea Turtle!” It was an added bonus to our trip 😉

Sea Turtle

And so we arrived in Virgin island or Isola Di Francesco, a beautiful sand bar in Panglao, Bohol. It was a small island full of religious images. The long sandbar is an eye candy and we can’t help but strike a pose in this peaceful and calm island.

Virgin island or Isola Di Francesco

As we continue our exploration, we found exotic birds and plants. The kids took a dip while hunting for star fishes and sea urchins.

When we are all kinda burnt-out and exhausted from our very early morning adventure, we went back to the hotel to eat our lunch and get some rest. We had our fresh seafood lunch at the Marea Al Fresco Restaurant.

Afternoon came and we are all energized! So we went back and took a dip in the magnificent infinity pool!

Tatay Kelly doing his signature dive!

The kids went to the beach and back to the pool. We had to make sure the kids get enough beach time as possible. The beach though is not swimmable because it’s too shallow especially when it’s low-tide, but the enclave of the resort gives a different sense of privacy and tranquility that we really needed.

After the beach and pool break, we visited the Kid’s Playroom and the kids were really happy to be there…of course the girls enjoyed the playground area while the boys (including hubby) enjoyed the ps4, xbox, basketball, badminton and air hocky! It was really a fun environment and Bellevue really knows how to entertain its guests well.

After having fun at the playroom, we indulge yet again another sumptuous dinner at the Marea Al Fresco Restaurant then head back to our room and doze off.


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