The Grandeur that was Ilocos: Family Weekend Escapade Day 3

I woke up damped with sweat around 4:30 AM only to find out that there’s no electricity! According to the caretaker, brownouts usually happen here almost every day during the wee hours to save energy. The resort has generators but they didn’t used it (I wonder why?). The good thing is that we didn’t have to endure it because we are scheduled to check-out early for our Day 3 escapade, our last day in Ilocos so we have to maximize the time and start on early. We ate our breakfast at the restaurant again, sea breeze is different in the morning, a bit chilly! We left the resort at exactly 6 AM and off we go to our next destination. The Bangui Windmills!

The gigantic windmills lined up in the whole stretch of the seashore are simply captivating! Seeing it on a sunrise made it even more scenic. The Wind Farm project is the first in the Philippines to help reduce the carbon footprint that causes global warming. Maybe that’s the reason why people here experience power interruptions more than usualJ:-) Again, the waves are music to my ears and the early morning sea breeze was refreshing.

Sunrise at Bangui Windmills

There are stores and restaurants in the area where you can have coffee or snacks and buy some locally-made souvenirs like the miniature windmills and other Ilocano products for pasalubong.

Not far from the windmill viewing deck is the Kapurpurawan Rock formation. It is located in the coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

It is famous for its creamy white limestone formation chiseled by nature.  You have to drive along a rough road before you reach the Kapurpurawan parking lot. You can go to the rock formations by renting a horse or you can follow the crowd’s trail and trek along the path leading to the rock formation.  Of course, the kids took the horsey while the adults ventured through the long rocky route.  Walking isn’t that bad because you get to see more 🙂 Finally we reached the white rock and wow! Just wow! I never knew such place like this existed.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

This is the closest we could get since the area is temporarily closed. Still, the view is amazing!  We continued walking until we reached another rock formation which looks like a white mountain wall! It was splendid!

TeamGonzaga @ one of the white rock formations

There are also stores and restos at the parking area where you can take a rest after the walk, have coffee or cold drinks, or buy more souvenirs. This is where we had our bite of authentic Empanada ng Ilocos.

Off to our next stop….Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse, is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, that was established during the Spanish Colonial period in the Philippines. It was first lit on March 30, 1892, and is set high on Vigia de Nagpartian Hill overlooking the scenic Cape Bojeador where early galleons used to sail by. After over 100 years, it still functions as a welcoming beacon to the international ships that enter the Philippine Archipelago from the north and guide them safely away from the rocky coast of the town.[3] (

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

We climbed up the tower unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance.  But we didn’t fret because the view from the base of the tower is still breathtaking. You can see the vastness of the South China Sea and a bird’s eye view of the tranquil Ilocos towns and landscapes.

View from the tower base

Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to go to Patapat viaduct 😦 We headed back to Laoag and visited Marcos Museum and Mausoleum in Batac. Of course the museum showcased everything about the Marcoses. What interests me is the Mausoleum where the body of the late president Marcos is preserved. The mausoleum is secured by 4 guards, who will remind you that cameras are not allowed inside. I went in with my husband and parents-in-law, the kids waited in the car. The body of Ferdinand Marcos lies inside a glass casket. It looked like one of the figures in Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in HK. It was really creepy inside, so dark and so cold it send shivers down my spine. There’s a tinge of heaviness, the Gregorian chant on the background is unnerving, adding more negativity once you inside.

We head back to Vigan for lunch. Before heading home, we bought souvenirs and other pasalubongs from Tongson’s. We bought royal bibingka, longganisa, chichacorn, t-shirts and other memorabilia. We Left Vigan @ 2:00 PM arrived in San Pedro Laguna @ 10:00 PM.

Our road trip from south to north is really one for the books. I was amazed how the people of Ilocos preserved their culture.  Ilocos is worth the long drive and worth every penny. If time permits, I’d love to go back and spend more sun-kissed time by the beach. My favorite part is the Bangui Windmills and the Paoay Church. The feeling was indescribable.  Evn my kids were fascinated by the gigantic mills but their favorite part is the beach 🙂

So that’s it! Our Ilocandia family getaway. See you soon Ilocos!


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