Oh yes! I’m in the mood…In the mood for blogging and for sharing the wonders of being a super mom.   I know a lot of women who are, most often than not, runs a different pace of life to survive, to provide and to sacrifice. I grew up with working parents. Time then has never been too important for me.  I grew up realizing that if my parents don’t work, I and my siblings won’t be able to enjoy good food, good school and good life.  But the means during those time we’re a bit lean.  As young as I was back then, I am not oblivious to the fact that it was such a struggle. But life then was simple. We were happy living the simple joys of life.

Now that I’ve become a mother of 3, my priorities changed, my perspectives even. I began to realize that I grew up differently from my mother.  Of course, there is no definite adjective that can describe the value of our mothers.  They are indescribable! My mom is an all-mine-to-give type of mom.  She is selfless and I really admire and idolize her for that. She would give everything for her children…except time.  But then I don’t blame her. That is something I can undo and give back to my children.  The time that I most cherished when I was young.  The time during school performances where you see your classmates and their moms. But one thing I realized now that I’m already a mom is that the time that was lost, the time that I cherished, the time that I always wanted from my mom are all wasted times…because what she gave me and my siblings are the most important thing of all.  Her unconditional love weighs far more heavily than the time that was lost.  My mom is indeed a supermom! And I love her dearly.

Now that I myself is a working mom, I always try to be present in all my children’s milestones.  I wanted to witness every change, every accomplishments, every laughter, every failures, every tears, every pain and everything they wish to do .  I wanted to be there ALWAYS.  But how can I do that if I work full-time?  I have my ways and only supermoms can do that.  Only super moms can cook while doing the laundry at the same time.  Only super moms can iron clothes while helping their kids do their assignments or reviewing for their exams.  Only supermoms are active enough to do cartwheels in between cleaning the house and playing with the kids.  Only supermoms can cope with her own problems without complaining. Only supermoms manage to put everybody’s needs first before hers.  Only supermoms sacrifice her wants for her children.  Only supermoms do all these jobs without pay because she knows that the most important payment of all is pure LOVE.

Once I was asked, how do I manage to be a supermom? I simply answered, “Because I am married to a Super dad!” Raising kids and building a home is a shared responsibility and I can say that I am indeed lucky to have a super husband who is a super dad to our children.

I salute all working moms most especially single-working-mothers who live life at its peak whilst keeping peace and order at home making sure your kids are growing up happily and full of love.  We may be bereft of some precious time but LOVE compensates everything. Love is the ultimate ingredient to raise a happy child.

So to all super working moms, don’t fret, time may be demanding at times but LOVE is always there.  Shower your kids with Love and they will never go astray.Cheers to us all supermoms! (and super dads too!)

supermom Top-Qualities-of-a-Super-Dad



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